PROBLEM: Sex Trafficking Leaving Girls Broken Answer: Jesus

This morning I made a trip to Puyallup, a neighboring city to Tacoma, where I entered a Starbucks conference room packed with counselors from the Puyallup school district. I had been invited to share about the issue of sex trafficking among their student population. So many were wide-eyed to find that girls in their schools were victims. They were terrified that it could happen here. Malls and schools are two places girls are often identified by traffickers. As I explained the lure and coercion of traffickers they fired questions concerning the home life and parental involvement of these girls. After sharing grim answers I was so encouraged to share with them how churches are beginning to address the issue of sex trafficking of very young girls. Awareness and education is necessary, but more than that, ACTION is necessary to see the landscape of our city change.  Mentors from local churches are rising up to be the outstretched hand to many of these girls, helping them identify resources for growth while encouraging them in their relationship with Jesus.

My desire has been to lift up Jesus in these girl’s lives and it’s been humbling to see transformation in their lives. Sex trafficking may be on the rise but so is the answer… Jesus and his people believing restoration and redemption over broken lives.

Please pray for our ministry to girls who have been sex trafficked. May their hearts soften to the love of Jesus.


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