Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Last night I was on an outreach and after the night had ended you would have guessed we had gone to hell with a watergun and put out the fire, we felt great! This was good, but I am often wondering if our hearts get puffed up thinking we are the green berets for Jesus and we are only in battle to conquer darkness in others.

When we serve people we are reaching them for the gospel and God put us in their path. What we often ignore is that just as much as they need the Jesus alive inside of us, we need them. In reaching people we find more of who God is and the growth he has for us. He uses people to get to us, not just us to get to people.

Never fool yourself into thinking you are the bus driver on a one way straight when reaching people, but rather you are a giver and at the same time a recipient of what He has stored up for you through experience after experience… on a two way street.


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