It Feels Good But It’s Not Right

In the past two days I’ve had conversations with friends that revealed all the oversized portions of projects on our plates. I recently listed all of my current projects and projects I’d like to do and I realized if I were to continue saying yes,  my plate would be as heavy as a hippo. Sometimes there’s this rush when saying “yes’ to new projects whether work or personal that put me in overdrive and it’s something I’ve come to both love and hate. The love part is this preference toward an adrenaline rush. Euguene Peterson, Christian author, talks about being addicted to adrenaline. Many said he should be stressed with all he was handling at once but he secretly liked it. I know the feeling. The hate part is when you realize you’ve got so much you’re doing you feel as though nothing is getting your best. I hate that. There’s this fine line to walk that is both flexible and open to new and fresh coupled with a resolve to finish well what is under your leadership and serve those around you.

All of the projects I am able to throw myself into are good, all of them serve others, are within my skill and gifting, and all I enjoy. But not all are right. The right ones are the ones God has led me to and the ones only I can do.

We so often try to do everything and become a master of nothing , a jack of all trades. Think if you were really to do what only you could do? How much more could you accomplish? What skills and gifts could you be honed for greater use?

All you do may feel good but it doesn’t mean it’s right.


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