Be Glad You Said Yes

This past week I was on the treadmill at the gym sweating to the oldies when I got a text from a volunteer who was spending her evening at a local strip club encouraging the dancers. She had gone with a few other volunteers on behalf of Charisma, our strip club outreach, to reach out to the women at a club Charisma has been in for two years. She texted me to tell me how she had been able to connect with different girls, managers, and bouncers, sharing the love and grace of Jesus with them more than our usual once a month outreach.

After reading the text I dropped my head in thanksgiving. I was so grateful God was working in and through the lives of these women. A couple years ago I had a whisper to try something I hadn’t before, lead women where I hadn’t been before, and believe God for the victory… in strip clubs. I’m so glad I said yes and listened to the whisper.

More often than not Christ is whispering his will and way for our lives but because we choose to crowd him out with busyness, idols, and other things we miss what he has for us. Then when we do listen He asks us to do things so far out of our reality we contemplate ignoring Him. However, when we do say yes, we see Him move and have His Sovereign way.

Look back at the times you said yes to Him, reflect on His faithful and ability to bear fruit through you. Be glad you said yes.


2 thoughts on “Be Glad You Said Yes

  1. Tiffany, your post resonates in my heart. Our God is so able. We are so distracted by things of the world. Oh Lord help us recognize and forsake those things that keep us from hearing your whispers.

  2. Love this! Every time I’ve said yes he has been so faithful and I can see that in your life as well lady!!! Keep saying yes so many lives are being changed because of it. Love U!

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