The Good Ol’ Days

Remember that time when things were incredible? When you were witnessing something so powerful by Father God you could barely stand it? When you felt truly alive?

As a believer of Jesus who has experiences in her faith I can remember so many times that are marked on my heart. They always had a common denominator… I felt truly ALIVE. These experiences range from sharing freedom and grace in Calcutta to oppressed women or sitting on the edge of a cliff in Mexico praying through the night with friends. As the days and years go on I can find myself, if not careful, idolizing the good ol’d days of the past where an occurence so rare transformed something profound in and through me. We praise memories of the past but that’s what they are, only a memory. While pondering only the past we risk missing the mystery and awe of the moment. Remember what God has done in your past not to praise it or think life will never reach the former height, but instead remember his faithfulness and step into tomorrow with confidence that God is sovereign and He directs your steps. The best is yet to come. Take courage and carry on.


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