Before You Are A…

Mondays are usually my day off and last monday I decided to appreciate the sunny yet frigid outdoors. I bundled up and headed down to the waterfront for a walk. As I began to walk I thought about how much has changed in the nearly three years I’ve served in my current role. God has been so good and never left me, not even once.

I love that before I am a pastor, a wife, a leader, or friend, I am a daughter of a Sovereign God. When I slip off my roles and stand before my King  it really is just Him and I. I see why in scripture He continually reiterates the importance of a sabbath. When we turn off from everything around us and bask in the presence of the Almighty we experience Him in ways we haven’t before. His peace and power calm rushing waters and remind us who is in charge.

Before you are a leader, spouse, or whatever other hats you wear, you are a daughter or son who needs the wisdom, guidance, and peace of the Almighty.


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