We Know What Happened on the Third Day, But What About the Second

We know what happened on the third day but what about the second?

On Good Friday our King, the Messiah, was brutally tortured and murdered. Scripture celebrates the third day as the women found the empty tomb because he was ALIVE.

I can’t help but think of the second day. He had already been murdered and laid to rest and Luke 23:56 tells of the women who had prepared spices but on day two they rested in obedience to the Sabbath. Can you even imagine their turmoil and unrest? The Love of their life had been murdered. The Enemy thought he had won. That would have been the longest day of mourning. When we get the Easter story we get the ending. They had to wait. Yet we both get the eternal ending, grace and freedom in Jesus Christ.

Today, let’s be thankful for what we celebrate tomorrow.


One thought on “We Know What Happened on the Third Day, But What About the Second

  1. Tiffany… … … this has ALWAYS been my favorite day of Easter weekend! Because I too try to put myself in their place. “We thought he was the one.” “We thought he was to be our savior.” “But look what happened now… he’s gone.” Can’t even BEGIN to imagine the turmoil, doubt, fear, not only was He gone…. but they had failed Him! To the one they had ALL denied him. I can’t imagine the unrest and pain in their hearts today. But I LOVE this day because I know the rest of the story!!! I know what happens tomorrow. My joy comes from that knowledge. And the contrast of that joy against their utter loss today just gets me EVERY Easter!!! :o} Our God is SO good!!!!! It’s Saturday… … … but Sunday’s coming!!!

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