I Want To Change The World

Last Friday I was at the Tacoma Dome to hear Desmond Tutu speak about making change within our sphere of influence. He explained how God uses his people to carry out his plan. As he shared I was in awe of this simple man with outrageous conviction. I was more aware than ever that if God has called you to wave the flag of peace, reconciliation, justice or what have you, if you do so with your entire life, no matter what the cost, you’ll find yourself in places of great influence. You may sit before kings or queens and be a voice of wisdom, you may march on the front lines for change, and you may stand before hundreds of thousands inspiring them to change the world.

There’s only one way to live a life like that… it’s to live with humility. Humililty reminds you who and what this is really about. It can be so easy to slip into our own agenda but honestly, it’s all about Jesus.

I desire to be someone like Desmond Tutu, a humble follower of Jesus with conviction to change the world.

I want to change the world.



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