Evil at Heart

We are, we are all evil at heart. No one is inherently good. No, not no one. I find it odd that we think anyone is full of good. Without the love of Jesus we are capable of no good on the earth that is of eternal value. Genesis tells us how we are evil of heart even in childhood.

Yet, with our evil, sinful heart the God of the universe extends grace. Grace that covers a multitude of sins. He knows we’ll sin, we know we’ll sin and he loves us anyway.

Think about it, Adam and Eve hid after they at the fruit they were to refrain from. They heard God walking toward them and God called them out. God already knew what they had done but allowed them to tell him what they had done. Then he delivers the consequence. Still grace is evident as they do carry a legacy of faith.

“Lord we are evil at heart, make us new, a new creation, radical for you and your purposes. Jesus send your presence so we may overcome. I ask this in your name.”



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