Backpack to School

This is what I spent a fair deal of my summer working on. It was a blast putting together a leadership team to pull this off. We had thousands come out to receive a backpack with school supplies but more than that, experience the love of Jesus in a tangible way.

My verse for that day to meditate on was Hebrews 13:16,” And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

It’s so easy to go days without getting outside of your comforts and deeply loving the heart of another. To love another is a sacrifice. It takes the focus off self and invites vulnerability and generosity, precious commodities to be had. I’m finding, however, I’m truly alive when I’m offering both to someone other than myself. It’s beautiful how God is pleased when we love and share with another. It’s like he’s watching us screaming like a soccer mom, “that’s it boy, go for it!” We have a Father who is pleased when we act like He does, walk like He does, and love like He does. It will change the face of hardened hearts because they see we desire pride and self just like they do, yet we reject pride and self for vulnerability and generosity, both uncommon and beautiful.

Let us be uncommon and beautiful people, pleasing our great God.




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