Let Us Be

Tonight a group gathered to sit at the feet and listen to a couple who have been serving heavy hitters in DC as well as around the world. Their love for Jesus was fragrant and memorable as they detailed his call over their lives and ours. They had a deep conviction that we are to be one, loving others as followers of Jesus. It was heavenly.

They are the kind of people that remind you how powerful and sovereign God is. He can do anything, to anybody, anytime. At one point they expressed that we are ambassadors of reconciliation. Those words snuck into my heart and I pray they never leave.

An ambassador of reconciliation goes toward the broken, hurting, messy, hungry, ostracized, and even hateful to offer the love and grace of Jesus. Nothing more and nothing less. This love and grace births new life inside the unlikely making something beautiful out of the broken.

Let us be ambassadors of reconciliation. Let us be like Jesus. Let us change the world.


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