Quarter of a Century

Today’s the day! Today I turned 25!

You know how when you’re young you always have that age you’re looking forward too? For me it was 25.

So today came and I not long after I woke up my eyes filled with tears of gratitude of God’s faithfulness. I’ve witnessed prayers answered, wisdom gained, doors opened, and love given.

I’m so thankful for the sovereignty of God. Even in our lack he allows us to discover himself in ways we could never dream.

My passages for today have been Isaiah 52, 55, and Psalm 119. They tell of how man messes up but God uses him anyway.

More than ever before I find myself a screw up. With that, he is allowing the gospel to drip off my lips and change to happen in the darkest of places. I’m falling in love with my city all over again and am desperate for those from the least to the greatest to know Jesus.

I’m living proof that God can use the destitute to bring glory to himself. Without him I am nothing and with him I’m whole.

The last 25 years have been good but the next 25… I know the best is yet to come.


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