Here We Go to India

It’s been two years since I’ve been in India and as we get closer and closer (its two full days of travelling) to our final destination it’s all coming back to me. I remember the sight of young children grappling at your feet to carry your bags in hopes for spare change. I remember the hot sun scorching every dusty corner of the street, leaving no one with energy to spare. Most of all I remember the eyes of the dark skinned men and women staring at the sleep deprived westerners. They drank us in… and took pictures.

In the first couple minutes you are so overwhelmed with all that’s unfamiliar you can hardly catch your breath. Either that or the smog and smell of exposed sewage will do it for you. This time however felt different.

I’m very very western, well we can all agree I’m white… on the inside, in fact sometimes even I forget I’m brown and then when they speak Bengali to me I remember, “oh wait they don’t know!” The last time I came I was anxious simply because I didn’t know what to expect but this time I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and even looking for practices, courtesies, or customs I could appreciate of the Indian people. Trust me, it’s easy to get a little impatient with the head bob, rip you off, shenanigans but these people are beautiful and my goodness there a lot of them. It’s crazy to think over a billion people live here. This a country of souls, each loved by the Creator. Speaking of the Creator, today starts the festival of creation, worshipping the god of creation. Sadly, not the same God we serve. Next week starts the Puja Festival worshipping the god Durga, who is said to be a savior, created by other gods to conquer the devil.

I write from a country where so many are in need of Jesus. Please pray everyone our team encounters will have a radical experience with Jesus that will mark their lives forever.

This city Lord is yours.


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