They’re Beautiful

It was beautiful to see the excitement of the children in the school. They all sat cross legged on the floor with worn picture books in hand. They were practicing their alphabet and numbers as we came in. Their wide eyes studied us as we tried to communicate our joy to be there. Within seconds we dropped to our knees to help. Children as young as three crawled across our laps and straight into our hearts. It was so rewarding to look across the room and see many first time missionaries come alive in ways they didn’t know they could.

After an hour the students left and another class came in. Each student goes to school for an hour a day since the small 600 sq foot building can’t fit the 90 students enrolled. As the children left they stood with hands clasped to thank Jesus for giving them an opportunity to learn, grow, and know Jesus. It was heavenly. As they left they were given a single serving of packaged bread. For most that would be their only meal.

After our time in the school we walked through the slum village. The children were ecstatic to show us their homes. I was speechless. One young girl I followed as she laughed, jumped, and chatted away in Bengali. I followed her as she proudly gave me a tour of her humble abode. It was the size of my closet with a dirt floor and 4 foot ceiling. Seeing the humble abode of these young ones reminded me of what I really want in life. In fact I’m certain both those young children and I desire the same things- to live, really live, to love, and be thankful no matter how much or little I have.



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