When You’re Not the Girl

We each have callings, pursuits, gifts, skills, abilities, and they all dance together to make us who we are. We operate each and every day by this that makes us. You see plenty of people “running in their lane” and are killing it by doing what only they can do, take for example, Steve Jobs. The man did what only he could do AND changed the world! Then there are some of us that get greedy and decide we really can do it all. We’re unstoppable, unbreakable, and a force to be reckoned with… until we stop and break.

Like you, I’ve got dreams  of being and doing something that will change my little world, and to do that I’ve got to be the girl for the job- the job of loving my husband, the job of balancing my finances, the job of leading my team in the workplace, the job of taking care of my body, the job of pioneering new projects, the job of encouraging friends, the job of being me. Where it gets sticky is when I don’t realize I’m not the girl for the job. I try to take on something and make it fit, like that red prom dress, it just won’t do. I wind up getting overwhelmed and huffy about something I signed myself up for. Sure enough after some reflection I find a hole in my armor and to my surprise I find I can’t do it all and there are some things in life where I am not the girl for the job.

Be OK if there is something in your life you realize is not for you, maybe its not your battle to fight and your hill to conquer. This doesn’t include the basics like grow as a patient, peaceful, and purposeful person, or loving those God has put in your life, we all need to stick to those but the other stuff- like taking on a task you just aren’t ready for, saying a verbal “yes” when your mind is screaming “heck no!” For me this translated to realizing I’m not great at managing… anything. I’m a great builder and can lead but management is an epic fail for this girl. Maybe I’ll grow into but at this current time in life I won’t run to it. Once I understand my gift is to build, whether it be people, programs, or plans I can truly be the girl for the job. After all, if I give my time and energy to what I shouldn’t be doing I’m missing precious hours on what I should be doing. That scares this 25 year old go getter.


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