Crazy Lady in Sweats

Yep, I was locked out by the blasted powerbolt.

Last week I had gone for a run, had time with a friend, and was going to race home to primp for family pictures, family pictures being my husband and I, and when I approached my front door, I found to my dismay, that our battery operated powerbolt had died therefore locking me out of my rambler. Shocked more than anything, I shook the door and entered the code again, thinking it was playing a belated April fools trick on me. Nope, nada, nothing was the response from my once functional battery operated deadbolt. After calling to cancel the pictures, since being photographed in my sweats wasn’t what I had imagined for the photo Christmas card, I tried breaking in. Now this might not seem odd to neighbors if they know you are breaking into your own house, however I live across the street from a school, and break in time was around 3 pm right when school was getting out. Cars lined the little street near the school and onlookers were frightened to see some strange woman in sweat pants desperately trying to break into a house, her house, but they didn’t know that. As I caught the reactions of some of the parents awaitng their children I burst into laughter realizing how funny the situation must have appeared. I played out their possible responses, one including calling the police to get the crazy lady from breaking into the bathroom window. If the police made an appearance what was my plan? I had no ID on me to prove I was the owner and occupant of said house, and everything in it including that stinkin’ powerbolt. With that being a mildly realistic possibility I decided to switch plans and pulled weeds for 45 minutes waiting for my husband to arrive home. Truthfully, I had no faith in his ability to break into a house more than I could, yet within 3 minutes of his arrival I was hoisted up into our guest bedroom window. Thank you last house guests for leaving that unlocked. I really really don’t but kind of do appreciate it.

After opening every door and determining a plan B, C, and D if this were to ever happen again I realized what a fool I must have looked like. I may have even made headlines around the dinner table, “Guess what little Jesse, while I was waiting for you at school I saw a bandit trying to break in robbing the house next door!” I sort of love that it happened. I’m not a fan of everything going perfect. Stuff like this used to happen to me all the time but then I got a tad bit organized and haven’t had quite as many mishaps/adventures. I like a little set back now and then to remind me life is goofy and unpredictable.

Thank you powerbolt, you afforded me weeding time.


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