Destiny is Made Up of Individual Days

I’m convinced that destiny is now, it’s here, and it’s also in the future. Destiny isn’t something to be lived later but now. If individual days create your destiny, what are you doing to ensure they are all you dreamed or planned?

Individual days of blissful destiny undressed looks like discipline.

I’m not the greatest in the discipline department but I know if I don’t tame this wild beast I will forfeit the life, not just the future, I’ve dreamed. Sometimes destiny looks like taking vitamins and drinking a breakfast smoothie that has more vegetables in it than one would prefer, sometimes it looks like dealing with bitterness that I refuse to let take root, and sometimes it looks like hustling. Hustling could look like going the extra mile, fighting for what you believe in when no one else will.

When I learn the rhythm of discipline, I dance with destiny.


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