My Family Keeps Getting Darker!

“My family keeps getting darker!” This was said by my white as white husband to his brown skinned wife about his soon to be black skinned baby! Not sure he thought that would ever happen but happen it will!

With that said, I’m not having a child from another man, but rather Derek and I are in the process of adopting from Uganda! We couldn’t be more excited in our journey to grow our family. This has always been part of our Plan A and we have never seen it as second best but rather living the gospel mission Christ has placed on our lives.

We’ve been in the process since the summer and my heart has grown more for the destitute and broken orphan than I could have possibly dreamed. As I search in scripture I find that we are adopted in the family of God. I recently realized why such descriptive verbiage for the process of entering into the family of God was used. In Jesus’ time you could disown your biological children but your adopted children you vowed to accept and love forever. This applies to the people of God everywhere, we are adopted. It’s your story and it’s mine. Soon this will be my son’s story. 



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