Navigating Disappointment

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with my pastor about a few things that had kicked off in my life that left me a little lackluster in my day. My brother had lost his job, our adoption process felt like a blind walk, and wasn’t finding a new assistant as quick as I had hoped. The encouragement he gave that day will stick with me forever because I realize that life is full of disappointment in every season. He also claims that life will only get harder and disappointment will knock on our doors more often than not, so you must know how to manage and navigate through it. Decide that no matter what you’ll choose peace and your attitude and affect won’t be in jepoardy even in the tragedy. I’m not advocating for a grief free life, but rather to navigate disappointment well. The life I’ve dreamed is full of more disappointment than the life I’m living now. Why, you ask? The life I’m working toward is a greater level of leadership that will require more risk and more people and a greater chance for disappointment.

After pondering his words I’ve come up with a few principles-

  • disappointment doesn’t trump relationships- no matter how disappointed I am about something my love and compassion for people must always be greater- humanize the situation
  • choose peace- Scripture tells us in 1 Samuel 30:6 “David encouraged himself in the Lord” after his own men wanted to kill him after they returned to their camp and their families were kidnapped. Yet David knew how to overcome disappointment- he had access to the source of peace and hope- you won’t make it very far without it
  • even in disappointment choose to be generous- we find in 2 Corinthians 8 the church even in major disappointment chose to be generous with their finances, time, and prayer- it’s an antidote unlike any other

Disappointment has the potential to teach us how to be at peace with ourselves and others no matter what may happen.


2 thoughts on “Navigating Disappointment

  1. Thank you for the amazing words. I am living through that disappointment now……the death of my father, the inability to ever make things right with him, even though I have tried for over 45 year (I shouldn’t admit how old I am). I told my husband this morning I get to choose how my day will be, will i pout and do the pity party or will I go out and smile and share my blessings with everyone. Thanks Tiffany for these amazing messages. I truly appreciate them.

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