I Love You Jillian Michaels, but I Love Fudge More

Not sure about you but this holiday season is making its way onto my waistline. I was consistently working out six days a week and with a goal in mind to look as good as the goddess herself (Jillian Michaels), yet I now find myself red-handed with a guilty salted caramel hot chocolate in one hand and an evil powdered cookie goody in another and before you know it, BOOM I’m a casualty to the gluttony that is the Betty Crocker Christmas.

I’m not sure about most people my age but I’m usually not thinking about the health of my body long-term, especially at Christmas time… until lately. Perhaps its the lab results, the conversations with health conscious friends, an ER doc friend who has enough stories of poor health that will make you run to your refrigerator to munch on some swiss chard, or the lack of medical history of my biological family, well whatever it is its ruining my ability to enjoy some holiday fudge… or three.

I hear you body, I’ll stop eating sugar. It’s not my fault it tastes so good.


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