Circling Jericho

I’ve recently been reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson and if you haven’t planned to read it I strongly encourage you to do so. In the book he talks about circling prayers like ancient believers. He commonly asks the question, “what’s your Jericho that you are believing for?” He goes on to explain that for the chosen people of God who had yet to take the ground of their Promised Land that Jericho was the first promise in the Promised Land. They had to claim what was already theirs. They had to circle it in prayer.

I’m feeling the same for my husband and myself right now. In this season of our lives we are believing for a Ugandan baby to join our family. This is a promise we circle day and night in the Promised Land. We understand we must believe and thank Him already for what He is doing and what He has already done as we claim the promise.

Even before I read The Circle Maker we chose to name our son Jericho. He’s the promise we wait for, believe for, and claim in the name of Jesus.

What’s your Jericho?


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