New Creation

I love that my every day is an opportunity to witness personal growth and growth in others. The days of this week have been no different. Yesterday I received a call from Tracy. Tracy was the first woman I met while serving in jail ministry. She was sassy, bold, and eager to know about Jesus. Two years later she is still running hard after Jesus and choosing recovery after 25 years of poor choices. Her call today came as no surprise since we talk weekly. A few weeks ago we wrote out her goals for 2012 and one was to reconnect with her children. Of her 9 children she only is in relationship with 5. That changed today when this morning her son called to say he loved her and wanted a relationship with her. It’s been 17 years since she has had contact with him. She called ecstatic to tell me how God was working in her life and preparing to be the mother who could even have a relationship with her son. It was beautiful.

Tracy is becoming new, discovering who she is in Christ, a new creation, only found when she chooses a long obedience in the same direction.

Witnessing her growth is such a sweet reminder of what Jesus can do with a surrendered life. He’ll make it new.


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