I’m A Big Fan of Orphans

I’m a big fan of orphans. I’m not that lady who will adopt 12 children… or will I? Verdict is still out on that one but in the mean time let’s not kid ourselves, this orphan thing is nothing new to me. As a woman who has wrestled with feelings of abandonment and rejection by her birth parents most of her life until fully accepting the identity of Christ, I can see major opportunity here. I’ve learned more and more recently about orphans in the United States as well as internationally. In fact I heard that if one family out of every three churches were to adopt domestically it would wipe out the foster care system. The need is staring us in the face.

When I think of the parentless babies, children, and teenagers, all 800,000 of them in America, my heart sinks. My pastor has said that the orphan problem isn’t for the government but the church. I LOVE that.

I don’t believe everyone is called to adopt but everyone can DO SOMETHING.

I encourage you to find ways to serve the orphans in your city, state, and the world.

Children are precious to Him and precious to us. We can set the lonely orphan in families, we can empower the orphan to love and follow Jesus. We can encourage the orphan to trade rejection and abandonment for grace and love. We can.


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