What I Forgot To Do

Many weeks ago I went to a coming of age party for a 12 year old boy, a son of some friends. I was looking forward to hearing wisdom, vision, and encouragement spoke over this young buck, but what I walked away with was much more than that. After parents affirmed the young man a variety of mentors, who he planned to pattern his life after, spoke a word over him. They were wise, humorous, and inspirational but one confronted me in the craziest of ways.

He was instructing his young friend to do ministry and change the world, have a blast doing it, have the most fun of your life, and do it with people you love, your best friends. My husband and I locked eyes after this simple instruction and realized that as “fun” as we are we’ve chosen a perspective of endurance more than gladness or fun. Now I know that endurance is part of life but I have a habit of sucking the fun out of things. I’m a fun sucker.

I haven’t been in ministry very long but what I was reminded of that night was to change the world (always thinking about that), have a blast doing it (definitely need to work on that) and do it with people you love (will work on loving deeply).

Psalm 100:2 in the Message says, “Bring a gift of laughter, sing yourselves into his presence.”

I will do this.


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