Homage to the Few

Recently I sat at the feet of Doug Burleigh, a follower of Jesus, former Young Life President, and a man who God has allowed to influence influencers of our day and age, all over the world. He was talking to a group of young leaders about following Jesus in everything you pursue. He weaved the poetry and power of scripture in most all of his answers that were asked of him about leadership and followership. I’m thankful for the obedience of Doug and grateful he takes time for young whipper snappers.

His comments that really made my head spin were this, “there are two things that are eternal, your relationship with Christ, and your relationship with those you choose to do life with. In ten thousand years, you’ll still have these.” That hit me right between the eyes. I am conscious of eternity with the King, however the few kindred spirits I walk with will be there as well.

Deep relationships, which so many of us veer away from, are not optional. We need them. We need to be able to sit in front of a few and be so transparent and honest. Like most who are living in the digital age I have many “friends,” however I have just a few women I walk alongside and are committed to for life. Doug Burleigh mentioned he has a few gentlemen who he’s walked with for 40 years. I want that. I want to know what that faithfulness, patience, and lovingkindness looks like. Truthfully, it takes more work than I’ve given over the past few years.

To my few, thank you for loving me, rebuking me, and praying for me. I’m more like Jesus because of it. I will seek to walk with you in ways that honor and bring glory to Christ.


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