Last week I met with Maybeline. It was my first time. As I approached her in the coffee shop I couldn’t help but notice her smooth brown skin, ruby red lips, and stylish leopard print dress. She was glowing. Her tender eyes gave her away. It was evident she lives a full life and has allowed past pain to bloom in to rich blessing.

She began to share her story and I had no idea the deposit of belief she would made into me.

When she moved to Tacoma with her young son she was homeless and had a fifth grade education. As she started to follow Jesus she listened to every word he whispered over her. Her big dream was to be a secretary and she prayed day and night that the Lord would make a way. He heard her prayers. While living in a homeless shelter she applied for a clerical skills program at a local vocational school. She got accepted and would be able to finish her GED in conjunction with the clerical skills program. She was ecstatic. After graduating with high marks she set out to search for jobs. She had been so touched by the kindness of the local school district toward her son’s situation that she wanted to join their team. She took the secretarial exam and failed. Discouraged she pleaded with the Lord. He told her to take it again. She failed. With faith she took it a third time and passed.
Her excitement was mildly extinguished as she discovered how competitive it would be to pass a secretarial exam but also land a job within the school district. With favor like a shield she aced an interview promising she would give her best 100% of the time.

Now, seventeen years later, Maybeline mentors young moms who find themselves in a situation not unlike what she had experienced nearly two decades earlier.

I was overwhelmed with belief that our God is a way maker. I can sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of need in our city, yet I was sitting before living proof that our God is sovereign, so sovereign.


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