Half Drank

My Jeep is full of half drank water bottles. My husband always says I’m like the girl on Signs, which to my understanding worked out for her, leaving half drank water glasses and bottles everywhere. Nonetheless, I have such a nasty habit of acquiring said bottles and all of them still have purified, but a little stale, H2O.

A friend told me about his trip to Africa and how he witnessed a young boy carrying a canteen on his shoulder to find the nearest water source. He had seen the village where the boy had come from and knew it would be a trek to get to the source. We’ve all heard stories of the water crisis in Africa but to hear it told with such vivid imagery, and with my son on the way from Africa, it took everything in me not to burst into tears.

As I heard his story I thought about my Jeep housing my hoard of water bottles. My heart was screaming excuses at my brain for wasting such a precious resource. To be honest, most of the time the water gets dumped outside to make room for the “recycled” Starbucks cup with hot, 3 times purified, flavored water.

I know I can’t save the thirsty in Africa with my half drank water bottles but I can do something. I must. I can’t live in ignorance while my brothers and sisters go thirsty day after day.

This is why I’m so thankful for friends at Generosity Water for making it a mission to provide clean water to those who would otherwise go without. If you’re like me and enjoy quality H2O let’s ensure others do as well.



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