Sex Offenders and Sunshine

We haven’t had many sunny days here in the Northwest but the last few Saturdays have been delightful. During one of them I was preparing to speak at John School, a day long class to men who’d been arrested for picking up prostituted and sex trafficked women and girls. Of course it had to be a gorgeous sunny day while I would be sitting indoors with not even a window to peak through, at the Police Department.

I speak every quarter to these men sharing the perspective and life of a woman in the sex industry. They are usually shocked to realize her past, pain, and abuse. They assume it’s a great date and she got what she really wanted.

Sometimes these men are smug, sometimes they shout, but most of the time they sit with their heads down, just trying to get through the day that marks their record.

At the end of every presentation I never fail to remind them that living differently is an option. Becoming a gentlemen is an option. They do not have to abuse, take advantage of, or use women. After sharing those words some look at me in the eyes, others smile, and most all sit up straight.

These men, like us, are not banned from grace. I am no better than them. I have sinned and fallen so short of God’s glorious grace. It’s certainly been in different ways but nevertheless I’ve grieved the Father.

This is why I’m so thankful for the Son. Jesus changes everything. The gospel screams of grace, grace where we are rescued and saved, even when we don’t deserve it.


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