Ida Knows What’s Up

Ida knows what’s up.


She knows Jesus is faithful. She knows Jesus isn’t determined by a style of music. She knows Jesus can be worshipped when you are young or old. She knows Jesus has been sovereign over her 80+ years of life.

Ida has been attending our 6 PM Last Call Service at LC for quite awhile now. Last Call is our token service with extra guitar riffs, very few people over 65, and where our preacher can sometimes get a tad wild. With the help of an usher she parks her walker and makes her way to her seat. When the usher offers her the option of the Senior Service in our chapel she declines with sass, educating the 20-something usher that the Senior Service is for old farts. She wants to go church and praise Jesus with everybody else, not just her peers. She worships with reverence and honor the King who is faithful to all of us, no matter our age.

Ida knows what’s up.

I think I’d like to be just like her when I’m in my 80’s.


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