World’s Fastest Indian

I’m a rusher. I rush mostly because I blow at time management (don’t worry I’m working on it) and rushers are well… rushed. We drive fast, see past people, and find creative ways to cut in long lines. In fact, every time I attempt to rush through a crowd my husband accuses me of being “all Indian” on him. If you’ve ever been to India you know exactly what I’m talking about. We don’t mind bumping your shoulders as we plow past you, or doing whatever takes to get to where we are going REALLY FAST. If I’m in India I can pull it off but I’ve found it’s not welcomed here. I’ve tried convincing him it’s genetic. Sometimes I rush simply because I like to get where I’m going in the shortest amount of time known to man or beast.

As I’m rushing around I’m usually on a phone call, texting, twittering, updated my status, and wiki’ing everything that comes to my mind all at the same time. The unfortunate part of a rushed life is that it leaves little room for others. I miss out on the simple moments that could be life changing, for another or for myself. I miss out on the conversations with those who cross my path and may need a word of encouragement, inspiration, or even better, a word of life.

I’ve chosen to model my life after Jesus and I see in his ancient Word that he didn’t miss the simple moments. One of my favorites is a simple moment where he encouraged a woman at a well. He was on his way to “do” ministry with his buddies but he chose to take a simple moment with a simple woman. Left alone it was just him and her. He made the most of the moment, giving words of life, and it changed her life for all eternity. 

Each day is full of moments and I fight against the ‘rusher’ in me leaving room to indulge in them, savoring whatever the good Lord would have me do or say in them. I’m listening to His whisper, choosing to walk like he walked and talk like he talked with every moment I have.


5 thoughts on “World’s Fastest Indian

  1. Great perspective. Too often we find ourselves going for quantity not quality when it comes to truly living. We don’t want to miss anything. It’s like when we were kids and didn’t want to go to bed, just in case something exciting happened. Thank yu for sharing.

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