Canterbury Cathedral

ImageIt was four years ago in February the last time I was in Canterbury.  After a string of unfortunate events, I made the trip from Lancashire to see my kindred spirit one last time before we would be separated by an ocean. During the season I visited, I had my heart broken and it seemed as though my dreams slipped through my hands. A relationship I thought would be lifelong had expired, I was flat broke, and my dreams of ministry were nowhere to be found. I felt hopeless, simply hopeless.

As you can imagine, it was a breath of fresh air to escape all that and be with my closest friend. Together, her and I walked and talked our way through the ancient city. We would talk for hours of God’s faithfulness, his redemption, and grace. As we made our way around she was eager to take me to the Cathedral that sat proudly in the middle of Canterbury. The historic site boasts a rich Christian history, claiming to be the  birthplace of Christianity in all of England. I absolutely loved every minute drinking in the detail and stories of the Cathedral. I was inspired to hear how believers had committed to the faith and the advancement of the Good News. It was a precious moment in the midst of a rough year.

Today, four years later, I got lost walking around Canterbury and found myself at the entrance of the Cathedral. I could hardly hold back tears remembering the feelings of hopelessness that haunted me the last time I stood at the entrance of this very place. I believed God would have his way with me, but had no clue when the breakthrough would happen. To think how faithful God has been since that time absolutely floors me. I’ve married a man who loves, supports, and leads our family to be more like Jesus. I have the honor of serving broken people out of the love Jesus has extended to me. I’ve been privileged to preach the gospel. Most of all, I’ve fallen more in love Jesus, the Author of our days. I’m forever grateful He redeems broken moments and broken people.



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