Pastor B

It’s been just a few weeks since Pastor Buntain, our Pastor Emeritus, went to be with Jesus face to face. This man was 86 years old and had lived to witness what some only dream of. Of all he accomplished in life- building a church, raising an incredibly talented family, having famous friends like Billy Graham, Dr. Cho, Robert Schuller, Mother Theresa, and a string of US Presidents, the way he loved India made the greatest impact on me.

He and his brother, Mark, served the people of India with a hospital, medical clinics, schools, and churches. Their impact was significant in Kolkata and continues to this day ( Of the thousands of those in India they reached I was one. Twenty-seven years ago my parents had a heart to adopt from India but were not sure how. They listened to Pastor Buntain talk about India on his TV program and knew he would have a connection for them. In just a short conversation Pastor B connected my parents with an adoption agency that Mark helped with. I’ve always known my connection with Pastor B but never had the chance to meet him growing up. My parents never attended his church and we lived over an hour away from Tacoma.  I wasn’t going to bump into him in at grocery store and or stand in line behind him at a corner cafe. My only connection was a 20 minute phone call in 1985… that changed my life.

Years later I’ve had the opportunity to thank Pastor Buntain for his love of India. I’m one in a million who’ve been a recipient of his obedience. Once he heard of our connection I quickly realized I would be sharing it anytime we were seen together. I loved to share the story exposing the grace and sovereignty of Jesus.

His love for people, both near and far, have changed countless lives for the glory of God. His ambition for eternal impact blows my mind, and it was never for selfish gain but all for the glory of God.

May your life and mine, be all for the glory of God.


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