Pregnant With A Promise

This Sunday marks a year since we’ve been pregnant with the promise of a son. We are still believing for our precious Jericho Lincoln and we won’t stop.

It’s been a roller coaster of learning all things international adoption. Through the home study, i600A, and endless forms we know we are making progress to bring our son home. This past year our hearts have become so tender to the destitute and I hope that never changes. I’m not the same person I was a year ago and I love that. Also I’ve discovered friends along the way who share the heartbeat of adoption and it is delightfully refreshing.

I thought it would be fitting to share a few things I’ve learned in my waiting:

1. Don’t expect everyone to “get it.” Without fail take every opportunity to share the love of Christ to those who don’t understand why we would save every penny to pursue a son we’ve never met and of course didn’t conceive on our own.

2. Adoption is so worth it but so hard. For what seems to be 99% of those I know who’ve adopted it is confusing, frustrating, and difficult. It is not for the faint of heart and tests every ounce of your patience. When you think you are over the hard part it gets hard again. Yet, it is a worthy process. For the prize set before me I carry on.

3. The Lord knows how this will end, not us. The adoption process consistently provides opportunities to be desperate, trust the Lord, and choose peace. Often I’ll tell folks that our case is stalled or we are having trouble with this or that and they assume I’m losing sleep and weepy. To be honest… I’m not. I’m not saying this is easy but I know my God is able and he orders my steps. I choose peace every single day. I’ve decided that however this ends I will rejoice and give the glory to God.

Right now we are praying and believing for little Derek. We are searching for his father to release parental rights. This is proving rather difficult but I refuse to give up till we’ve exhausted every opportunity and resource. Even better than that we’ve taken our case to the King. We will accept whatever He sends our way, even if it’s different than we expected.


4 thoughts on “Pregnant With A Promise

  1. I’ll be walking around this wall praying with you for this promised one! You just tell me when it’s time to shout… And I’ll be yelling too! Those walls are coming down and that boy will be coming home!

  2. Glory. We still pray along with you and are believing on those promises of our, So worthy King. We love you. You are a spectacle of His grace.

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