The Buntain Wives

This past weekend we had Huldah Buntain, wife of the late Mark Buntain, missionaries to Calcutta, India. I’ve always been familiar with their story but when Huldah visited Tacoma this past weekend a few dots connected that hadn’t before. 

Huldah was 25 years old when she boarded an 8 week voyage to India in which she would spend the next 60 years serving the poor of Calcutta. She had guts to wave a comfortable life in the states good-bye and embrace the call of God for her and her visionary husband. With her one year old baby and saint of a husband they loved, educated, and healed the sick and destitute. She’s well into her 80’s now and still passionate about feeding those who live in garbage dumps and born into brothels. She is a strong woman and even after 23 years of going on without her husband, she is living the abundant life. 

Another Buntain wife was present this weekend, Lorraine. She was married to Fulton Buntain, Pastor of Life Center for more than 40 years, and just this past June, the Lord took him home. She was a rock to her husband and raised a family to support, love, and care for him. They supported their brother’s work in India in countless ways and also knows what’s like to be married to a visionary. 

Both of them have lived lives some only dream of, all for the glory of God.

I had lunch with both of them yesterday and overheard their chit chat about eating alone, carrying on in big houses, and staying in touch with their kids. As a 26 year old I spend little time thinking about eating alone in my 80’s after my husband passes in our once full house, but it no doubt could be my reality in 55 years. I was humbled and reminded how life can pass so quickly and I must use every ounce of who I am to love Christ and carry out his will. These women, when they were my age, were traveling the country sharing the gospel, holding tent revivals, and even leaving everything behind to reach a broken nation. They had gumption and the best part is… they still do.

For as long as I have breath I will live, really live. I won’t grasp after wealth for the purpose of pleasure, shiny toys, or exotic experiences. I will steward my life, my resources, my relationships to make much of Jesus, living an ABUNDANT life. Image


4 thoughts on “The Buntain Wives

  1. Amazing blog and truly an amazing story of these two wonderful women. If we all only live half of what they have committed their lives to we would be amazing servants of God. Thank you Tiffany for sharing this story.

  2. This is powerful, seeing you behind them, the picture of where they began this journey of faith and fullness for the kingdom.

    love it!!!!

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