I Raise My Sword


I fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and unseen rulers of this dark world. Eph. 6:12

I’m more aware than ever that adoption is opposed. It is advantageous of the enemy to isolate helpless children with no one to provide or care for them. He can convince them they are left for dead, unwanted, and unneeded.


To this understanding I raise my sword to slay abandonment, fatherlessness, and the claws of the Evil One over one child. One child whom  I would do just about anything for. One child who I vow to shepherd as long as I live. One child who will stand as a testament to God’s sovereignty.

Today of all days, I invite you, if you are the praying type, to utter a prayer over my son, Jericho, the child I speak of.



3 thoughts on “I Raise My Sword

  1. Praying with you for this battle. I totally agree that we can win this as our God loves children. satan and your forces have no charge over us or those children because we claim them in the name of JESUS!

  2. Wow!! So true, as our stories share similar examples of how God used His children to stand on our behalfs so He could snatch us back from the grip of Satan I’m standing with you as He now uses you and Derek to be His hands, hearts and feet as He unfolds the plan to rescue His children back from the grip of satan. They are not abandoned, forgotten or unlovable!!! May God continue to show His love and glory through our obedience and faithfulness to love!!!

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