Dapper Daddy


I can’t help it any longer, I have to brag on my dapper daddy. Derek, my husband, is such an incredible man of faith, strength, courage, patience, and love. He has wasted no time loving on his baby boys. So many have warned me that you fall in love all over again when kids come along and we certainly have. I find myself melting at the sight of Derek snuggling, laughing with, and reading with our boys. I can barely contain my excitement. This is the first time in their young lives they have experienced the love of a father. It’s evident as Jericho for the first month addressed Derek as uncle and struggled to understand Derek’s role. As Jericho has softened to his daddy it is beyond adorable to see him engage his shepherd, leader, and eventual golf buddy. Lucius, on the other hand, took quite quickly to Derek and it is no exaggeration to say that Lucius is daddy’s number one fan. He squeals with delight at the mere sight of Derek and his confidence bolsters as his daddy is near. 


I have an extreme passion to see the fatherless know the love of a father. I think of it daily for so many around me and especially in my home city of Tacoma that is no stranger to fatherlessness.  I think of the scripture in the gospels, “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.” I trust that the Father has a master, but perhaps messy, plan for his redemption of the fatherless. I believe it takes the ordinary followers of Jesus to see it come to pass. In my own family I am witness to this redemption story. I love how the Father is working through Derek; an ordinary radical, a father, to these once orphaned boys.


2 thoughts on “Dapper Daddy

  1. WOW! Your guys story is such an inspiration on so many levels. I am always excited when I see your posts that I read them before i do anything else! I am addicted to Candy Crush (LOL) Those two boys are going to have a wonderful life because of you and your husband’s love and faith in JESUS. GOD bless you both in everything you do. Your blog always brings me to tears, which in turn brings me to Praise

  2. You sure know how to make a girl cry!! That’s so beautiful!!! Your boys are so blessed to have you and Derek for parents!!!!

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