A Great Gift

Relationships are precious. I love those I have friendships with, but the way I’ve come to love the relationships God has given me is different than ever before. When others you love witness your pain a new transparency is birthed. Close friendships have fresh traction that brings you closer than before. Your communication is more heartfelt, and if it’s someone of faith in Jesus you ask for peace and wisdom from Father God together. You see more of Jesus in your self and them. It puts meat on the bones of the body of Christ. It’s beautiful and heavenly. Many of my close friends are extremely busy and often I’ve found myself feeling as though I’m inconveniencing them. It’s my own insecurity. I realize now how much of a joke that really is. On the other hand, I find myself feeling guilty that I should be doing something else rather than relaxing and enjoying other’s company and life. I know more than ever that relationships are eternal and they matter big time. Doing life with people you love and loving the broken around you is worth spending your life on. While talking to a mama mentor of mine she was telling me how we must never forget that Jesus spent the majority of his public ministry with just twelve people, eating with them and living life with them. Jesus and his disciples loved and served each other as well as others.

I especially feel the need for a new transparency as I transition into a season of mommyhood, a time when you have to call for help or you may go insane. We need each other and you are lying to yourself if you say we don’t. The growth that has taken place in many of my relationships this season in Uganda has been humbling and refreshing.

While relationships at home have blossomed under pressure the new ones made in Uganda are a precious gift. We’ve stumbled upon many adoptive families in the past few weeks and it is an understatement to say these families are remarkable. Their hearts for their children and growing families is beautiful. To be with others who have sacrificed much to travel halfway across the world to seek out the orphan is a gift. Their tenacious love for Jesus and the brokenhearted are fuel for the fire. We’ve met families from Alaska, Idaho, Wisconsin, Florida, Colorado, Alabama, Virginia, and Indiana. We share the common bond of endless paperwork, court dates, working with two governments, and fighting to get our kids back home. Our conversations have often been centered on trusting Jesus when you have no control whatsoever and believing he is sovereign no matter what.

Life is seasons and I believe one of the great markers of this season will be the relationships that have developed and deepened. I know I’ll have a mildly crazy schedule when I get back home but I refuse to pass up the lesson learned on the value of relationships. It truly is a gift. 


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