It’s Done.


It’s done. Yes, there is some final paperwork but it’s all done. September 6th will always be remembered as a precious day. The day we finalized our son’s adoption; a day of relief and enormous joy. I hadn’t been crazy emotional up until that point. Before we even got out of the car at the courthouse I was wiping away tears. When we walked into the courtroom with family and friends watching on I was so overcome with joy that I can hardly stand it.

As the judge, a personal friend and great support, walked into the room, the crowd stood from their seats. This was it, from a foreign court to a domestic one, it was the official last step. Derek and I raised our right hands to signify our honest in our testimony and actions. We answered questions promising to care, love, and protect our son. The judge then allowed us to address family and friends. Sharing how far we’d come and what the Lord was doing was a chance to build a monument, an altar if you will, where we we could praise God for what he had done alongside many who journeyed along with us. It was an honor to point to Jesus as the hero of the story, from beginning to end it has been about Jesus, his sufficiency and guidance. He’s healed us in our broken moments and led us to a place of peace. He has revealed himself to us when what we needed most was more of him. In no way have we accomplished any of this on our own, our Savior has been front and center the whole time. We aren’t the heroes, the saviors, Jesus is. 

As we sat in the court room, a judge declaring us a family, all bearing the same name, it hit me that the Enemy meant destruction and abandonment for both my son and myself. Instead, the Redeemer gave us a new name and put us in a family. He wrote our stories, laying claim to our souls, our destinies. Psalm 68 says, “he puts the lonely in families.” I can tell you that he does, he certainly does.



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