6 Months



Six months ago I met my son for the first time. It was so much emotion wrapped up into one day and etched into my memory forever. I met him at 10:10 AM and he walked in with a confused face. He had no idea how much his life, and ours, would change when he walked in the door. He had no idea we had fallen in love with him well before he walked in the room on April 1st. He had no idea we would radically reorganize our lives to shepherd his little life. He had no idea that we would fight, with every last ounce, to bring him home with us. He had no idea that we would work through the long days of screaming because he couldn’t handle all of the change. He had no idea that we would hit our knees together and beg for grace while counting our blessings. He had no idea that the best is yet to come.

Here we are six months later and multiple times today I had to stop and let the tears run down my cheek as I was overcome with gratitude of what Jesus has done. He has been our Deliverer, our Protector, our Grace Giver, and our Redeemer. To him be the glory forever and forever.

This has been the hardest six months of our lives, but by far, the most precious. 



One thought on “6 Months

  1. Great Testimony Tiffany! Isn’t it true that as God allows us to go through hard times, He blesses us again and again with His goodness and watches us grow closer and closer to Him. Alleluia!

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