I love Jesus and am passionate about communicating through the spoken and written word, and LOVE to build relationships and ministries that serve the broken and walk with them through redemption.

I serve on the pastoral team at Life Center in Tacoma, WA www.lifecentertacoma.com and oversee local, global, and seasonal outreach.  A ministry I directly lead is Esteem Ministries which looks to renew the identity of the industry girl www.esteemministries.org.

My husband and I live in a city we are madly in love with and thankful God called us to a place with graffiti 🙂

Life hasn’t always been a bed of roses. I’ve overcome some junk in my life just like so many others. To hear more of my story click below:



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m following your blog, girl, and loving it!!! I love continuing to discover all the gifts God has anointed you with. Your words speak forth the Word so eloquently and minister to my heart. Love you friend and so blessed to have you in our life. Blessings, Lisa

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